2016 Western Region AAAE Poster Session Proceedings




Submissions Open:  12/1/2015
Submission Deadline:  2/23/2018 9:00:00 PM(eastern time)
Review Completion:  3/26/2016


Type Posters Accepted Percent
Innovative Idea  18 16 89%
Research  27 20 74%
TOTAL  45 36 80%

Accepted Submissions:

Innovative Idea
2016 Agricultural Communications Vision Consortium 

Sydney Nelson, Erica Irlbeck, Emily Buck, and Cassaundra Dietrich
Texas Tech University, Ohio State University 

All for One and One for All: Improving Student Learning with Group Tests  Image 

Dr. Gaea Hock, Emily Keeton, Dr. Christian Baldwin, Dr. Courtney Meyers
Kansas State University, Mississippi State University, Texas Tech University 

Building an Agricultural Teacher Pipeline through Community College and University Collaboration  Image 

Steven J. Rocca
California State University, Fresno 

Connecting High School Students with Career Opportunities: The South Coast Region Agricultural Education Consortium Senior Industry Tour  Image 

Erin K. Gorter and Theresa Pesl Murphrey
Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University Doc @ Distance and Texas A&M University 

Encouraging Students to Question: Inquiry-based Learning in the Agriculture Classroom  Image 

Kalynn Baldock & Theresa Pesl Murphrey
Texas A&M University 

FFA Members Perceived Benefits & Barriers to Agricultural Education Teaching  Image 

Ethan A. Igo, Dustin K. Perry, Carl G. Igo
Montana State University 

Going Viral: The Creation of Irresistible Social Media Content 

Laura M. Gorham, Dr. Courtney A. Meyers, & Troy Tarpley
Texas Tech University 

Google Maps for Everybody  Image 

Michael Spiess
California State University, Chico 

Learning by Doing: Flipped Lessons in the High School Agriculture Classroom  Image 

Dana M. Wise and Theresa Pesl Murphrey
Texas A&M 

Simplifying the Process: Agricultural Literacy Publication Search Framework  Image 

Emily Keeton, Dr. Gaea Hock, Dr. Kellie Enns, Dr. Michael Martin, Dr. Debra Spielmaker, Denise Stewardson
Mississippi State University, Kansas State University, Colorado State University, Utah State University 

Students Cultivating Ideas: Utilizing Focus Groups in Curriculum 

Jessica Corder, Hope Hancock, Jenna Crayton, & Erica Irlbeck
Texas Tech University 

The Online Communications Plan: Communicating Agricultural Sciences to a Lay Audience 

Garrett M. Steede, Troy G. Tarpley, Jenna Crayton, Laura M. Gorham, & Courtney D. Gibson, Ph.D.
Texas Tech University 

The Quad Squad: Drones in Agriculture 

Denise Stewardson, Gary Stewardson, Scott Bartholomew
Utah State University 

The Struggle is Real: Learning Responsive Web Design with the Bootstrap Framework  Image 

Brandyl Brooks & Dr. Courtney Meyers
Texas Tech University 

There is no guru: Mentoring maps for intentional agriculture teacher growth  Image 

Misty D. Lambert
Oregon State University 

Using Horses As Teaching Tools: An Equine Guided Education Clinic 

Shannon Arnold and Amy Prechter
Montana State University 

View From The Top: A California Agricultural Education Leadership Delphi Perspective  Image 

Erin K. Gorter, Benjamin G. Swan, and F. Nicole Ray
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo 

A Measure of Safety Climate Attitudes in the University Agricultural Mechanics Lab 

Steven Boot Chumbley, Curtis Langley, Mark Hainline
Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Tarleton State University, Texas Tech University 

Activating Arousal: A Content Analysis of Message Sensation Value and Social Media Engagement of Value-Congruent Messages on YouTube 

Kayla M. Wilkins, Laura M. Gorham, Dr. Courtney A. Meyers
Texas Tech University 

Assessing a Food Safety Training Program Incorporating Active Learning in Vegetable Production  Image 

Kyle A. Gavin, Carl G. Igo, Dustin K. Perry
Montana State University 

Behavioral Dispositions of Beginning Farmers and Livestock Producers in the Southwestern U.S.: Context Variables with Potential to Inform Education and Communication Programming 

Kyle C. Gilliam, Laura M. Gorhum, Dr. Matt Baker, Dr. Scott Burris, Dr. Glenn Cummins, and Dr. Erica Irlbeck
Texas Tech University 

Comparing Creativity: A Comparison of Creativity Assessments in Higher Education 

Hope Hancock, Dr. Courtney Gibson
Texas Tech University 

Developing Agricultural Communications Graduate Student Recruitment Strategies 

Lindsay Kennedy, Laura Gorham, Troy Tarpley, and Erica Irlbeck
Texas Tech University 

Developing Agricultural Literacy Outcomes: A Synthesis of Research-based Expectations  Image 

Debra Spielmaker
Utah State University 

Exploring School-Based Agricultural Education's Influence on Students' Choice of Major  Image 

Melissa Lucas, Tyson Sorensen
Utah State University  

Exploring the Outcomes of Using Problem-Based Learning in an Agribusiness Sales Course  Image 

John L. Hawley, Kelsey Hall, & Michael Pate
Utah State University 

Farm Field Days as a Learning Model for Agricultural Literacy  Image 

Paige Wray and Debra Spielmaker
Utah State University 

Issues Facing Beginning Agriculture Teacher in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington 

travis hoyle, Josette Nebeker, Kattlyn Wolf
University of Idaho  

Professional Development Needs Among School-based Agriculture Teachers in [state] 

Cheyanne Colville, Robert M. Torres, Matt Mars, Quint Molina
University of Arizona 

Program Evaluation of the 2016 Agricultural Communications Vision Consortium 

Sydney Nelson, Erica Irlbeck, Emily Buck, and Cassaundra Dietrich
Texas Tech University, Ohio State University 

Reporting Nonresponse in the Journal of Agricultural Education  

Marshall Swafford, Ryan Anderson
Eastern New Mexico University, Iowa State University 

Resource Needs of Dual Enrollmlent Agricultural Mechanics Teachers 

Kassie Waller, Marshall Swafford
Eastern New Mexico University 

Senior 4-H Members' Perceived Life Skill Development in Animal and Non-Animal Projects 

Amanda Zamudio, Robert Torres, Ryan Foor, Dean Fish
University of Arizona 

The Relationship Between Motivation and Online Self-Regulated Learning 

Marshall Swafford, Paden Hagler, Kassie Waller
Eastern New Mexico University 

The Social Media Presence of International Rural Development Nonprofit Organizations  Image 

Joanna King, Hannah Ford, Savanna Barksdale, & Dr. Courtney Meyers
Texas Tech University 

To the Fair! Exploring the Influence of the FFA Agriscience Fair on Career Aspirations  Image 

Cassidy Dutton, Tyson J. Sorensen
Utah State University  


Name Institution
Arnold, Shannon Montana State University
Baker, Marshall North Carolina State University
Boone, Deborah West Virginia University
Carraway, Candis Stephen F. Austin State University
Conner, Nathan University of Nebraska-Lincoln
De Lay, Ann California Polytechnic State University, San Lius Obispo
Easterly III, R. G. (Tre) New Mexico State University
Ewing, John Pennsylvania State University
Frazier, David Tarleton State University
Hall, Kelsey Utah State University
Harbstreit, Steven Kansas State University
Hock, Gaea Kansas State University
Lambeth, Jeanea Pittsburg State University
McCubbins, OP Tennessee Tech University
McKim, Aaron Michigan State University
Park, Travis North Carolina State University
Paulsen, Thomas H. Morningside College
Ramsey, Jon Oklahoma State University
Sankey, Laura Pennsylvania State University
Saucier, Ryan Sam Houston State University
Shoulders, Catherine University of Arkansas
Smalley, Scott Iowa State University
Spiess, Michael California State University, Chico
Spindler, Matthew Virginia Tech

Reviewers: 24
Reviews Completed: 135
Avg Reviews/Reviewer: 5.6

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