2024 Southern Region AAAE Poster Session Proceedings


Chair: Wendy Warner


Submissions Open:  8/6/2023
Submission Deadline:  10/30/2023 9:59:00 PM(central time)
Review Completion:  12/1/2023


Type Submissions Accepted Percent
Innovative Idea  26 20 77%
Research  47 31 66%
TOTAL  73 51 70%

Accepted Submissions:

Innovative Idea
[State] Teacher Institute: Improving agricultural literacy one classroom at a time  

Carla B. Jagger and Carol Atkins
University of Florida  

A Financial Management Simulation for College of Agriculture Undergraduates 

Joseph L. Donaldson, Carolyn L. Bird, Elizabeth G. Blosser, and Saifur Rahman
North Carolina State University 

DIY DEI: An outreach, engagement, and accessibility toolkit for youth development professionals to better serve culturally diverse communities 

Janiece Pigg, Tyler Granberry
University of Tennessee 

Duoautoethnography in Teacher Education Programs 

Audie Cherry, Rose Marie Somers
Clemson University 

Expanding the Reach of AEE Club: Rebranding the Departmental Student Organization as FFA Alumni and Supporters 

Mary Kate Morgan Lanier, Jillian Ford, Joy Morgan
North Carolina State University 

Fostering Career Mentorship between Alumni and Undergraduate Students: A College of Agriculture Student Success Career Coaching Program 

Charity Stallings, Dr. Katie Sanders, Sara Lane
NC State University 

Intern if U-DAIRE: Adding Value to Dairy Through an Inclusive Undergraduate Experience 

Jordan Richardson, Shelli D. Rampold, Lex Hall, Sharon Jean-Phillipe, Emily Paskewitz, Elizabeth Eckelkamp, Carrie Stephens, Victoria Jessie
University of Tennessee 

Interview an Upperclassman: The Value of Peer Mentorship to First-Year Students in an Orientation Course 

Mary Kate Morgan Lanier
North Carolina State University 

Introducing gaming into the SBAE classroom: An innovative starting block for teacher educators 
Poster Image 

Garrett T. Hancock, OP McCubbins, Jason D. McKibben
Auburn University, Mississippi State University, Auburn University 

Learning to Do: SAE Management through Hands-On Laboratory Experiences  
Poster Image 

Alexus Eudy, Dr. John Rayfield, Chelsea Hatch
Texas Tech University 

Principal Professional Development at [State] FFA Convention and Expo  
Poster Image 

Cassandra Goff
University of Florida 

Reimagining the [University] Greenhand Experience: Hitting the Knowledge Mark 
Poster Image 

Garrett T. Hancock, Andrew C. Bailey, Chris A. Clemons
Auburn University 

Safe Farm Steward Safety Application for Farmers 

Preston Byrd, Stacy Vincent, Kang Namkoong, Yongwook Song
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, University of Kentucky, University of Maryland 

Si Se Puede! An Application of Spanish Resources for ELL students within Agricultural Education Programs 

Whitney R. Evans, Dr. Rebekah B. Epps
The University of Kentucky 

Spatial Thinking to Address Complex Social Issues in Agricultural Teaching, Research, and Extension 

Carrie N. Baker and Sarah A. Bush
University of Florida 

Thinking Inside the Box: Partnering with Veterinary Medicine Faculty to Develop Low-cost Cattle Palpation Simulator Models 
Poster Image 

Trent Wells; Brittany L. Kirby
Murray State University 

Urban Neighbors and Neighborhoods: Professional Development for School-Based Agricultural Educators 

Robert Williams; Courtney Leftrick; Carolina Garcia; Jennifer Gonzalez; Priscilla Pina
Texas A&M University - Commerce 

Using Agricultural Education to Build a Regional Farm Safety Database 

Ruth D. Toole, Stacy K. Vincent, A. Preston Byrd, Kang Namkoong, Yongwook Song
University of Kentucky 

Visualizing Student Teaching 

Jillian C. Ford, Misty D. Lambert, Travis D. Park, Mary Kate Morgan Lanier
North Carolina State University 

You can Lead a Horse to Water, but Will They Drink? Pre-service Teachers’ Evaluation of an Agriculture Literacy Seminar 

Josey M. Webb, Allyson K. Moore, Carley C. Morrison, Stephanie M. Lemley
Mississippi State University 

A Study on Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Challenges in Greenhouse Management 
Poster Image 

Maria Helm, Nicholas Fuhrman, Jason Peake

All the news that is fit to plant: News values in Marketplace reporting on ANR topics 

Austin Moore, Connie Rogers, Marianna Jones, Emily Groat, Jacey Pella, and Sharon Wagner
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 

Approaches Educators Use to Implement School-based Agricultural Education in Uganda  

David Banige, Samuel Ikendi, Rose M. Somers, Esther A. Asimo, Ronald Kitayimbwa, Fredrick Kabbale
Kampala University, University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources, University of California Merced, Clemson University, Iowa State University, Busoga University 

Assessing the impact of hands-on food safety practices in shared-use commercial kitchens across Florida: An outcome-based evaluation 

Arati Joshi, Shenara Ramadan, Sebastian Galindo
University of Florida 

Backyard Grower-Consumer Perceptions of Rabbit Meat Consumption in Rural [State] 

Dr. Mildred Murphree, Dr. Kirk Swortzel
Mississippi State University 

Contributions of SBAE to Scholarship of Agriculture Education and Lifelong Learning 

David Banige, Samuel Ikendi, Rose M. Somers, Esther A. Asimo, Ronald Kitayimbwa, Fredrick Kabbale
Kampala University, University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources, University of California Merced, Clemson University, Iowa State University, Busoga University 

Determining the Information Sources Wheat Producers Perceive as Scientists 

Morgan Orem, Karissa Palmer, Emily Fuller, Holli Leggette, Dara Wald, Logan Baker, Reagan Noland, Jamie Foster
Texas A&M 

Explanatory Model of Behaviors and Stress of Women Who Enter or Aspire to Enter Professional Careers in Agriculture 
Poster Image 

Camryn Haines, Mathew Baker, Danhong Chen, Doug Ullrich, Darin Paine
Texas A&M University 

Exploring Positive Emotionality through Poetical Inquiry of Student Voice 
Poster Image 

Lauren Dye and Cora Keber
University of Georgia 

Extroversion vs Introversion of AGSC Majors at an HSI 

Delilah Bernal, Steven Chumbley, Cassandra Cox & Jill Rucker
Texas A&M University-Kingsville & University of Arkansas 

Historical Analysis of the National FFA Organization's Program of Activities: Milestones during Its Formative Years 

Emily O. Manuel; M. Craig Edwards
Oklahoma State University 

Instructional Practice Needs of Oklahoma SBAE Teachers Based on Certification Type 

Morgan N. Reese, Bradley M. Coleman, Christopher J. Eck
Oklahoma State University 

Intent to implement CASE curriculum: Participant perspectives 

Kayla Marsh
Oklahoma State University 

Investigating Multicultural Experiences: A Study of College of Agriculture Students’ Intentions to Study Abroad 

Kailyn Kosko and Tyler Granberry
University of Tennessee 

Is What You See What You Get? Examining How Agricultural Visibility and Personal Relevance Shape How [State] Residents Picture Agriculture  

Victoria Jessie, Shelli Rampold, Jordan Richardson
University of Tennessee 

Let me be brief: An analysis of length vs. views on extension YouTube channels 

Austin Moore, Molly McKettrick, and Elizabeth Johnson
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 

Mitigating Maize Postharvest Losses Through Participatory Training in Rural Uganda 

Stella Ahimbisibwe, Samuel Ikendi, Miriam Namata, Andrew Waaswa, Kaaya Archileo
Makerere University, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California Merced, Uganda Christian University, North Carolina State University 

Moderation Effects for the Use Behavior of Online Distance Education by [State] Extension Agents: An Application of the UTAUT Model 

Wayne Hobbs, Laura A. Warner, Jamie L. Loizzo, Matt Benge, & Sandra B. Wilson
University of Florida 

Navigating the Information Highway: Understanding Student Communication Preferences 

Cora A. Andrews, Jessica C. Benson, Ph.D., Carley C. Morrison, Ph.D.
Mississippi State University 

Nurturing Success Amid Challenges: Training Future Leaders in Rural Communities  

Andrew Waaswa, Mikayla Daniels, Nikki Miller, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner, Travis Park
North Carolina State University 

Personal Needs of School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers in [State] 

Kayla N. Marsh, Dr. Christopher J. Eck and Dr. Bradley Coleman
Oklahoma State University 

Scholarly Metrics by Rank in the Agricultural Education Discipline 

Marcus Martin, Donald M. Johnson, Christopher M. Estepp, Will Doss
University of Arkansas 

Service Learning & Authentic Leadership at an HSI 

Katherine Biggs & Steven Chumbley
Texas A&M University-Kingsville 

State FFA Officers’ Autophotography of Leadership Competency Development during a Short-Term Study Abroad  
Poster Image 

Hunter J. Carson, Newlin A. Humphrey, Dr. Bradley M. Coleman, Dr. Lauren L. Cline
Oklahoma State University 

Supporting Rural Students at Urban Land Grant Universities 

Nikki Miller, Mikayla Daniels, Andrew Waaswa, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner, and Travis Park
North Carolina State University 

Teacher-Parent Relationships and Their Role in Agricultural Science Teachers Retention 

Clarissa Darby, Rudy Ritz
Texas Tech University 

The Needs of Middle School Agricultural Education Teachers: A Scoping Review 

Jacob Englin, Dr. Richie Roberts, Dr. Kristin S. Stair, Dr. Michael F. Burnett
Louisiana State University 

Using Generative AI to Solve Technical Problems: Student Results and Perceptions 

Grace Vehige, Will Doss, Christopher M. Estepp, Donald M. Johnson
University of Arkansas  

Using Photo Journal Prompts to Help Increase Local Cultural Awareness in Study Abroad Participants.  

Bryce Hamlin,Dr. David Lawver, Dr Courtney Gibson, Clarissa Darby
Texas Tech University 

What Factors Influence Undergraduate Agricultural Education Students’ Perceptions of their Academic Major? 
Poster Image 

Emma Wiseman; Brian Parr; Trent Wells
Murray State University 

Wired for the Future: Youth Perspectives on ICTs in 4-H Programs 

Jamie Greig
The University of Tennessee Knoxville 


Name Institution
Anderson, Ryan Texas State University
Baker, Carrie University of Florida
Benge, Matthew University of Florida
Bird, Taylor University of Georgia
Cherry, Audie Clemson University
Cletzer, Adam Auburn University
Dossett, Jason University of Florida
Duncan, Dennis Tennessee Tech University
Estepp, Christopher University of Arkansas
Granberry, Tyler University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Hall, Justin Mississippi State University
Hock, Gaea Kansas State University
Layne, Logan Virginia Tech
Mashburn, Diane The Ohio State University
McCubbins, OP Mississippi State University
Milliken, Brett Virginia Tech
Palmer, Karissa Texas A&M
Park, Travis North Carolina State University
Price, Tyler J. Oklahoma State University
Ramsey, Jon Oklahoma State University
Rank, Bryan Arkansas Tech University
Salem, Maggie Texas A&M University-Commerce
Sanders, Katie NC State University
Shinn, Glen Texas A&M University
Spiess, Michael California State University, Chico
Sprayberry, Sarah Texas A&M
Thoron, Andrew Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Wells, Trent Murray State University

Reviewers: 28
Reviews Completed: 219
Avg Reviews/Reviewer: 7.8

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