Calculation Description

Standings are based on the following method.

Weighted Score

A weighted score for the chapter is computed for each field day. 

Weighted Score=(51**-rank) + (Teams - rank)/2*

* this denominator is dependent on the contest.  Currently (2019) 2 for vet science and 2 for agricultural mechanics.
** Changed from 51 (in code) to 60 (2019) to prevent negative scores as some contests have had over 51 teams.  Changed back to 51 in 2023.

rank = the chapter placing in the contest.  First place=1

Teams = number of teams in the contest (one per chapter).   This factor awards additional points for bigger contests.

Example #1.  If you place 3rd in a contest with 23 teams.

Weighted Score=(51-3) + (23-3)/2 = 48 + (20/2) = 58

Example #2.  If you place 3rd in a contest with 13 teams.

Weighted Score=(51-3) + (13-3)/2 = 48 + (10/2) = 53

Overall Standing

The top three scores are added for each chapter.  A chapter needs to attend three competitions to be eligible. 

NOTE:  placings are determined using only one team from each school.   This may be different than what is reported on the tabulations since many contests report A & B teams.   Total teams are the total of counted ("B" teams are omitted) teams.

Qualifying Contests

A list of current qualifying contests is found on the home page.


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