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Sample Worksheet (DOC). You can make direct links to a specific slide show or a category within a show from your web page or document.  Cut and past from the listing below.   The quiz links will generate a quiz with pictures that can be printed or pasted in to a document.

Title Description
Ag Mechanics Tool ID California Ag Mechanics Tool ID for CDE Drill. Note: Many tools might fit into multiple categories.  
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Category Category Link Quiz
  Common Tools-Axes quiz
  Common Tools-Bars quiz
  Common Tools-Brushes quiz
  Common Tools-Clamps quiz
  Common Tools-Miscellaneous quiz
  Common Tools-Pliers quiz
  Common Tools-Punches quiz
  Common Tools-Screwdrivers quiz
  Common Tools-Shovels, Rakes, Picks quiz
  Common Tools-Vises quiz
  Common Tools-Wrenches quiz
  Concrete Tools And Supplies quiz
  Electrical-Boxes and Devices quiz
  Electrical-Conduit quiz
  Electrical-Supplies quiz
  Electrical-Tools quiz
  Fasteners quiz
  Hardware quiz
  Measuring, Layout, and Surveying quiz
  Metal Working-Tools quiz
  Metals quiz
  Painting And Glazing Equipment quiz
  Plumbing Tools and Supplies - PEX quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-ABS Pipe quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-Copper Pipe quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-Misc. quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-PVC Pipe quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-Steel Pipe quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-Tools quiz
  Plumbing Tools And Supplies-Valves quiz
  Power Mechanics - Tools quiz
  Power Mechanics-Grease Guns And Fittings quiz
  Rope and Chain-Chains, Lashing Straps quiz
  Rope and Chain-Knots, Hitches, Splices quiz
  Rope and Chain-Rope quiz
  Welding-Arc Welding Electrodes quiz
  Welding-Arc Welding Tools quiz
  Welding-Other Welding Equipment quiz
  Welding-Oxyacetylene Welding Tools quiz
  Woodworking-Boring Tools quiz
  Woodworking-Construction quiz
  Woodworking-Hammers quiz
  Woodworking-Planes And Similar Tools quiz
  Woodworking-Power Tools quiz
  Woodworking-Saws And Accessories quiz
  Woodworking-Stationary Power Tools quiz
  Woodworking-Tools quiz
  Woodworking-Wood quiz
Machinery Identification Common Agricultural Equipment Found in California 
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Category Category Link Quiz
  Almond/Nut Equipment quiz
  Combines/Harvesters quiz
  Engine Components quiz
  Hay/Forage quiz
  Hydraulics quiz
  Industrial quiz
  Planters quiz
  Sprayers/Fertilizer Applicators quiz
  Tillage quiz
  Tractors quiz
  xForestry ID - Under Construction ID for Forestry CDE      Direct Link to show:
Category Category Link Quiz
  Chain Saw Parts quiz
  Equipment ID quiz
  Heavy Equipment quiz
  Plant ID quiz
  Wood ID Characteristics - Area quiz
  Wood ID Characteristics - Grain quiz
  Wood ID Characteristics - Knot Quality quiz
  Wood ID Characteristics - Knot Shape quiz
  Wood ID Characteristics - other quiz
  Wood ID Characteristics - Wood Surface quiz
  Wood Identification quiz

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