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California CDE Tabs Documentation (3MB, PDF) (updated 1/2016)

Sample Reports 2.0

Sample Contest Score Cards


Judging Card Paper

Bar Code Scanners

Using Test and Form Scanners

Marketing Plan Tabulations Sheet (Excel)

ParliProTabs Program V2.08 (2-15-15)  Sample Reports

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FFA Ballots - Ballot forms and templates

Program Features:

  • Contest and Class titles are user defined. Up to 24 classes may be defined.
  • Classes for Hormel, reasons, and scores up to 9999 are supported.  Hormel scoring is automatic.
  • Classes can be configured to automatically multiply a raw score for proper weighting of the class.  The multiplier can be changed to 0 or a class may be hidden during a contest to drop a class from tabulations.
  • Sub contest results can be defined for any group of classes.  Sub contests can use the same sorting order (tie breaking) as the overall contest or a specific sort can be defined.
  • Data entry by keyboard and/or bar coded form (uses a light pen).  Keyboard entry by class, class/group, contestant, and missing scores only are supported.  Special data entry/scoring is provided for Keep/Cull, Grading, Milk Quality, and Land Judging
  • Scores can be imported from simple CSV files.  This option is useful for importing from OMR scoring machines.  See documentation for OMR scoring options and forms.
  • Teams can be any size, team scores are computed from the designated number of high individuals (ex. Top 3 of 4 or top 5 of 5).
  • Contestants can be grouped for rotations and data entry automatically or manually. 
  • Teams can be grouped for separate results reporting (within a single contest).  Useful for combined FFA and 4H contests.
  • Contestants can be grouped for results reporting (ex.  4H age groups). 
  • Contest materials can be printed on your forms (ex. score sheet, Scantron) or as bar coded cards (ex. judging cards)
  • Name tags, judges sheets, and other support materials can be printed including randomized reasons orders and contestant lists.
  • Contestants can be imported from external systems such as the CalAgEd Online Registration system, databases, or spreadsheets.
  • Double checking can be practiced by printing double check sheets during data entry or by comparing the data entry of two separate computers.  A check tabulations report is provided to check for missing and out of range scores.
  • Results can be printed at any time. 
  • Official placing and cuts can be entered at anytime before printing final results.
  • Raw tabulations and status reports to aid score checking can be printed or viewed.
  • Built-in Tabulations Checklist

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Instructional Videos
(An experiment, created for version 2.0)

Overview | Checklist Introduction | Steps

Online Hormel Computer

Additional CDE Resources

Version 2.09 (Updated 1/12/2016)

The program is free for non-commercial use by institutions and organizations supporting youth CDE and judging contests. 


Version 2.09c (02/18/2016)

  • Corrects a sorting issue in the Milk Quality contest.

Version 2.09b (1/12/2016)

  • Corrects a problem in barcode entry where the valid of the barcode does not work.

Version 2.09a (1/9/2016)

  • Updated for new Milk Quality Form
  • Remark Template updated for new Milk Quality Form

Version 2.09 (1/1/2016)

  • Updated for 2015 CATA Code
  • New OMR forms for Soil Evaluation, Poultry and Meat Judging.
  • Updated Remark Templates for new forms
  • Updated grading methods.   Support for poultry grading has been added.  
  • New feature to save materials in PDF format.

Revision History


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